The first great protagonist of the modern cycling. He set up the Hour Record (41.110 km) in 1905. He won 2 Tour de France editions in 1907 and 1908. Petit-Breton died in the battle front during the I World War and he became a sports myth in France. This autograph is extremely hard to find: rare!!!






One of the rarest autographs in my collection. This is a cycling pioneer. He was a great sprinter and he won the World Championship in 1905.






He was the first rider to wear the yellow jersey during 1919 TdF. He won 1910 Milano-Sanremo.




Probably the rarest autograph in my collection thanks to mint conditions of this picture and because this rider died young at 34 years. He was an unlucky rider. After the victory of the Amateurs Italian Championship in 1911, he could win the Giro in 1913. He was first, but during a stage he stopped in a farmhouse to take water and he fell asleep! He lose a lot of time and after all he finished at the third place.

OSCAR EGG (1890-1961)

“The train”. He was a great rider both on the road and on the tracks. He obtained the Hour Record in 1914 and won 2 stages in Tdf. After the career he opened a bike-shop. This autograph has been written on a discount coupon of his shop.

NICOLAS FRANTZ (1899-1985)

Winner of two editions of Tour de France (1927 and 1928).


3 autographs of great sprinters. ROBERT "TOTO" GRASSIN (1898-1980) was World Champion in 1925, VICTOR LINART (1889-1977), named "Sioux", won 4 World Championships ('21, '24, '26, '27), GEORGES PAILLARD (1904-1998) won 2 World Championships ('29, '32).

LEARCO GUERRA (1902-1963)

“The Locomotive man”. Strong and powerfull rider. He became a professional rider at the age of 27 only. He was World Champion in 1931 and National Championship for 5 times. He was the first rider to wear the pink jersey in Giro.

ALFREDO BINDA (1902-1986)

The most famous rider of my land (Varese). This holidays postcard was posted from Cote Azur. There are the signatures of Binda and wife. The postcard is addressed to the father-in-law. Rare! 


ANDRE' LEDUCQ (1904-1980)

Tour de France winner in 1930 and 1932. Paris-Roubaix in 1928. World Amateur Road Race Champion in 1924.






KAREL KAERS (1914-1972)

World Pro Road Race Champion in 1934. He won Tour of Flanders in 1939 too. Kaers was a young talent, he won more than 100 races when he was amateur.