JEAN AERTS (1907-1992)

My first cycling autograph: the start of my collection! Aerts, only together with Merckx and Knecht, won both the World Championship of Amateurs and W.Ch. of Pro-Riders. Great rider, he was a good sprinter overall. Nickname: Lord Brummel (for the elegance). He became manager of the Belgian National Team too. Rare autograph.




CHARLES BERTY (1911-1944) & HERBERT SIERONSKI (1906-1945)

Rare autographs because these riders died in Prisoner of War Camps during the II world war.



Archambaud became famous thanks to the hour record obtained in 1937. He won a lot of stages to TdF and  Gp Wolber in 1932.







Beautiful picture of the World Champion Jef Van de Vijver. This rider won 2 titles in Amateurs category (1937 & 1938).



Extremely rare autograph: this rider died young at the age of 30 years. He won the GP of Nice in 1933.






ROMAIN MAES (1913-1983) & SYLVERE MAES (1909-1966)

Same surnames and same fortunes: they won the Tour de France. Romain in 1935, Sylvere in 1936 and in 1939.



Great sprinter. He was the first Dutch rider to win a TdF stage in 1936 and the World Championship in 1947.






GEORGES CLAES (1920-1994)

Two victories in Paris-Roubaix ( 1946 and 1947).






ADOLFO LEONI (1917-1970)

Precocious cyclist, Leoni won more than 200 races and the World Championship between the Amateurs. He won a Milan-Sanremo and 17 stages in Giro.





GINO BARTALI (1914-2000)

Rare political card with the signature of Bartali. I have several autographs of this great rider, but this card is particular. Bartali “promotes” his friend Vincenzo Torriani (Manager of Giro) candidate for Democrazia Cristiana (political party).