FAUSTO COPPI (1919-1960)

Rare political card with the signature of Bartali. I have several autographs of this great rider, but this card is particular. Bartali “promotes” his friend Vincenzo Torriani (Manager of Giro) candidate for Democrazia Cristiana (political party).




JEAN ROBIC (1921-1980)

Robic was called “Glass Head” because he always used an helmet after a tragic fall in an edition of Paris-Roubaix. He was not a great athlete, but he became famous with the victory in Tour de France (1947). His signature is very rare because he left few autographs.





HUGO KOBLET (1925-1964)

Elegant rider. After every race He ran a comb trough hair. In 1950 he was the first foreign rider to win Giro. A year later he won TdF too. Rich and famous, He married the wrong woman and he was always unhappy. He died after a strange car accident: suicide?





LOUISON BOBET (1925-1983)

One of the greatest rider of the cycling history. He won the most important races: Paris-Roubaix, Milan-Sanremo, Tour of Flanders, World Championship, 3 x Tour de France… He was a fair competitor of Bartali and Coppi during the ‘50 years. He died of a cancer in 1983.




The King, rider with a great strength. He won 3 World Championships, 8 classic races, more than 200 kermesse and a lot of stages in the most important Tours. A real “Champion” with 20 years of carreer. He began with the National Championship in 1943! This is a rare autograph on an original cards of the ’40 years!





When he was 35 years old he obtained the most important victory with the first place in World Championship (1955). In the same year he died after a tragic fall in racing-track of Anversa. Extremely rare autograph: card in mint conditions with a hand-signed date.





Usually he comes after Coppi and Bartali. However he won 3 Giro and several classic races. In 1950 he could win the TdF but he had to leave the race for “team reasons”. Epic rider. This autograph is very beautiful and the postcard is in mint conditions… extremely rare image!





The most famous swiss rider. He won Tdf in 1950 and the next year he obtained World Championship too. He was an all-round rider and won more than 90 races in his career.





One of the best French riders of all times. He won his first Tour de France at the age of 23 years! King of Chrono: he won 68 stages of this speciality. He had a strange sentimental life.





CHARLY GAUL (1932-2005)

King of Mountain, he won 2 editions of Giro d'Italia (1956 and 1959) and 1 of Tour de France (1958). Great climber!





TOM SIMPSON (1937-1967)

“The Major” became a real legend after the tragic death during the climb of Mont Ventoux (TdF 1967). He obtained a lot of victories but the Milan-Sanremo in 1964 was his great exploit. After this victory the Queen Elizabeth gave him the title of Baronet. Simpson is the most important British rider in the history. A signature of Simpson could reach big price (about 100 euros).